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Raventale : Mortal Aspirations

Itís nice to see an artist with a vision of his own, to hear some good music with a focus. Raventale is a one man band from Ukraine; Astaroth, the headmaster has gathered together the heaviness of Doom, the sharpness of Black, the eeriness and spacey vibes of electronic music to bring us an original, tasty and exciting album. 'Mortal Aspirations' is already his third release and the quality never failed.

I remember having recieved 'Long Passed Days', the previous one from Solitude Productions - which, through its subdivision BadMoodMan Music, support the artist since that second album - and at that time having thought: ok, THAT is good (which means than the selective tastes of Solitude/BadMoodMan can sometimes be more hazardous). Anyway, when I gave that third album its first spin, I was at once reassured: the sound was as heavy and dark, the blend was once more perfectly balanced.

There is grandeur in Raventaleís flights of brooding lyricism. The keyboardís part are cleverly placed rather far in the mix, only serving as a melodic backing, always present, always discreet ; it works as an omnipresent mournful aura that gives depth to the music and lightens it a bit also. Otherwise, this is a thick broth; I like the hoarse black-ish vociferations of Astaroth, never too far from the typical Death Doom growls. The drumming is obviously processed, what I donít mind personally; it adds some kind of bleakness and urgency.

But thereís a true originality in Raventaleís features: about some bands, you can say: ok, the guys scream their lungs out and they also grunt; there are blastbeats and mammoth drumming, there are tremolo pickings and heavy guitars; itís sharp and crushing: itís BLACK DOOM then! Thatís how it goes most of the time. With Raventale, iíd say itís different : what you have here is a Doom band covered with a Black-ish shroud. The sound is black-ish: itís fierce, bleak, cold. The guitars, if very heavy, keep that archetypal blurred texture Ė they sometimes also venture in softer and more melodic territories, some delicate lines that Astaroth perfectly delivers. This is Doom in the intentions: mournful and epic poetry, oppressing fate; this is Black in the uneasiness and instability of the forms and volumes.

Raventale achieves some very coherent music on this opus. On top of it, he does it with great talent. Letís hope he will go on producing albums of this kind; we canít have too many of them.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Fall of the Mortal Aspirations
2. Cosmos Inside
3. My Birds of Misfortune
4. A Fading Scent of Cinnamon and The Naked
5. Watching a Luna Becomes Thy Face
6. The Silhouette of Despair
7. Escape to the Stars
8. Suicide As the Destined End
9. A Ravens Fade

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Raventale bandpage.

Reviewed on 04-04-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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