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Rollicking, riffing, 70s-throwback Doom Metal the way they used to do it, straight out of the university of Black Sabbath by way of all things Saint V...
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Atrocious : Shades Of The Sanguine Tree

Atrocious is a one man funeral doom/depressive black metal project from Cyprus (yes, that island beneath Turkey). Atrocious also happens to be the name of the sole member of Atrocious, coincidentally. This demo is very well done. Using piano on most of the songs, Atrocious has taken full advantage of the sorrowful sounds that a piano can make. This is a relief to me, because the organ effect on synthesizers is used far too much in metal, generally.

Atrocious has not failed in making a demo that can be compared to the works of Xasthur or Nortt, and thus should be given due credit, and listening. If you are a fan of Nortt or Shape of Despair (among others), check this guy out; he is pulling off atmospheric funeral doom well, and it is quite woeful. Be sure to pick up Atrocious’ upcoming split with Athos (Grecian black metal). I am very much looking forward to this project’s future releases.

[editor's note: It should be mentioned that this project has satanic lyrics, for those who wish to avoid it.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Awakening of The Ancient Gods (Intro)
2. Dark Obscurity
3. Moaning on Earth
4. The Emperor
5. Darkness Lord
6. Chaos (Outro)

Duration : Approx. 31 mins.

Visit the Atrocious bandpage.

Reviewed on 13-11-2007 by Cody Liebetrue
Aesthetic Death
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