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Morne : Untold Wait

Ok, let’s be straight and honest : I don’t know much about Crust. From the informations I gathered though, I already loved a Crust band without knowing it and that is Malachi. From what I gathered also, I’ve come to understand Malachi was not your typical Crust band. Their sound is drenched with Doom what makes them Crust Doom. Hey! I must say I quite like the result!
I’m a bit more aware of the Crust scene now, its history and its legacy. I won’t lecture you, clever boys, I’ll just sum it up for the ignorant ones out there: Crust derives from Punk; Amebix and Discharge would be the forefathers every Crust band has to name to be taken a bit seriously. I listened to both of them, plus Tragedy and Doom (yep Doom is Crust; good point!) to make up my mind; I solemnly conclude Crust is dark and heavy Punk with or without atmospheric momentums, with or without cello but always with that typical hectic D-beat, a drum pattern over-used by Discharge, hence the term (D for Discharge). It goes tchicka-tchak—tchika-tchack—tchika-tchak... and so forth and you can clearly hear it on track 3 of that Morne album.

’Untold Wait’ is their first full-lenght, it comes after a split with the much more orthodox Crust band Warprayer. Morne has a clear Metal edge, it’s warmer, heavier and cleaner in a way. Morne has some crusty accents, that’s obvious, but it’s far more than that. First it’s EPIC you have no idea! There is a war-like feeling in it, like a boiling volcano, like a sea storm that would propel you from the heart of the swirling maelstrom to the top of the mountain 200 miles from there. You have to imagine a mix between early-era Neurosis, Slayer for the harsher parts (like in ‘Twilight Burns’) and Grief for the Sludgy meanders – Battle of Mice, Swallow the Ocean also come to mind. But what really justify the presence of Morne among these virtual pages is the overwhelming doominess it displays along the 49 minutes that the album lasts; just listen to the opening of track 1 and tell me that skull-powdering rhythm is not Doom!

Like many of their peers among the neo-Crust scene, Morne resort to cello in their lenghty, progressive compositions. It adds a melancholy that underlines the massive assaults of the rhythm section and contributes to a dynamic dialogue between rage and softness. The riffs are utterly gorgeous; the guitar has a pulsating, squeaking sound that blows my mind; you can’t resist the mighty headbang while listening to most of that punishing album! There’s climax everywhere, it’s intense like few thing I heard. The mean and slightly incantatory Hardcore vocals sometime leave room for desperate mumurs, the drums roll along the grey tides, the guitars build gigantic sonic webs; there’s a ‘climate of hunt’ to half-quote Scott Walker in ’Untold Wait’: first a long and impatient waiting, then the dramatic race in the wild; the prey would be you, the listener. Be sure the hunters will catch you at the end! And you will be thankful.

’Untold Wait’ is a supremely addictive album that must be digested over the course of multiple listens to fully grasp every aspect of it. Don’t hesitate upon the Crust label. Think more of a Post-Hardcore band, a Post-Something in any case. It’s different, it’s exciting and ‘lackluster’ in no way (which is how the french word ‘morne’ could be translated)!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Eyes
2. Force
3. Machine
4. Seams
5. Twilight Burns
6. Untold Wait
7. Sorrow

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Morne bandpage.

Reviewed on 20/02/2010 by Bertrand marchal
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