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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Green Druid, from Denver, Colorado, have a 'play loud' attitude to go along with a fondness for psychedelic-tinged old-school Stoner/Trad Doom ...
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SoulSteal : Mirror is a Lonely Place

Another band coming from a rather unusual place is the Cyprus born SoulSteal, and with 'Mirror is a Lonely Place' they release their first demo CD. What they bring to the table is as unusual as their birthplace. Basically, it's a kind of Doom/Death with some very martial beats (some would even say Industrial). Clearly a band influenced by mid-period Katatonia (this mCD has the same vibe as 'Discouraged Ones'). SoulSteal also re-awaken, through a very clever use of machines, a name long forgotten: Gardens Of Gehenna.

There is the same dark EBM. meets Doom vibe in songs like 'Seeds Of Solution' than what could be found in 'Mortem Saluta' or 'Dead Body Music'. This is both original and enjoyable as the band never goes outside the field of pure mid-tempo. Fans of a bit more brutality will also find some hints of mid-period Rotting Christ (the one that released 'A Dead Poem' and 'Sleep Of The Angels') in the vocals.

All in all, SoulSteal shows a talent in term of musicianship, composition while walking the very fine line between Doom and Gothic Metal. This release is worth purchasing, if for no other reason than the incredibly personal sound such a young band has managed to create. I'm pretty sure we'll hear more about SoulSteal in the years to come, and I only hope that they will play their music slower (and don't trigger those drums too much, plastic sound is bad for you).

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Spiteful Gloat
2. Seeds Of Solution
3. Salvation
4. Feel The Lie
5. Diffraction (Instrumental)

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes.

Visit the SoulSteal bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-04-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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