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An mixture of crushing Funeral Doom and Sludge/Post-Metal, including Ambient elements as well. The music is both aggressive and atmospheric, with ultra-dark key...
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Lord of the Grave : Raunacht

Traditional Doom seems to have been on the rise recently in the small mountainous country that is Switzerland. First, the pretty ladies of sHever, then the Christ worshipers of Plon and now Lord of the Grave. But the Lords don't play in the same league as their fellow doomed countrymen. Theirs is the Holy land of the Riff, the mighty deserts of Mars and the buried pyramids. Yeah, Lord Of The Grave play it slow, heavy and psychedelic like if they had just discovered 'Holy Mountain' yesterday.

This is old school Stoner Doom, the way Sleep and Acid King plays it. Thick as molten tar, and as damn hot and suffocating. Yet full of that psychedelic vibe all good Stoner must have, like feeling the desert air drying your skin. So, just another Stoner band to add to the list of I like to play with Black Sabbath/Saint-Vitus songs? No.

What set apart Lord Of The Grave from the gazillions desert worshiping garage bands that infest MyFaceSpaceBook is the fact that they NEVER try to sound like another band. Yes, you can feel the Sleep vibe in their songs, and yes, they do goes psyched out the way Acid King does it. And at the same time, they bring a dark brooding vibe that can be reminiscent of a more 'straight to the point' Electric Wizard. Imagine Sleep playing 'Chrono.Naut' or Electric Wizard rehearsing 'Dragonaut'. Yeah, 'Raunacht' is pretty much as good as that, and sometimes even better. The Swiss guys have created maybe the only true follow-up to 'Sleep's Holy Mountain'. Together with St:Erik, they are at the frontline of what could be a new wave of Stoner Doom. As with the former, this is just what the scene has been in dire need of, a breath of fresh weed smoke. And Lord Of The Grave brings you the best quality shit you can find this side of 'Dopesmoker'. I've seen the future of Stoner, and Lord of the Grave is on its forefront.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Holy Vitus
2. Ghost of the Pyre
3. Lord of the Grave
4. Bardo
5. Raunacht

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes.

Visit the Lord of the Grave bandpage.

Reviewed on 31-02-2010 by Laurent Lignon
Aesthetic Death
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