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Started out in 1986 as a hardcore/punk act, they have since evolved into a brutal doom/death act. The music is gloomy, and depressive at times, while still ret...
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A Perpetual Dying Mirror : Towards a Constellation View

Though this is the debut album of the mexican doom/death band A Perpetual Dying Mirror, the band actually started eight years before, in 1994. Two of the members started it after another doom/death band called Supplicium, which they were a part of, split up.

This band aims to create music that is darker than common doom/death. Apparently this means making music that is slightly darker than My Dying Bride and with vocals more typical for heavy metal. A few dark metal elements sets the music slightly apart from their obvious main influence. The band is in no ways bad musicians. In fact their music doesn't sound bad at all. But for everyone who has heard My Dying Bride, you won't find much new in here.

The lyrics concentrate on alchemy, astrology, depression and similar. But just like other bands of this kind, the lyrics aren't really positive in any way.

There is one exception to this My Dying Bride style music. And that is the last track. It sounds like a mixture of depressive melodic death metal in the vein of the new Darkseed and the power/thrash band Iced Earth. While I don't think too highly of the other tracks on the CD, this one does deserve a praise. Perhaps the band should never have played doom metal in the first place?

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Thy Tragedian Shine (Astral Sublimity Of Night)
2. Within The Mirror Phosphorescence
3. An Autumndawn For Eternity
4. The Forgotten I
5. Alll Perpetual Veils
6. Towards A Constellation View
7. Hermeticum Elohim Chiim [bonus track] *
8. Pilgrimage Of Dying Ones [bonus track]
9. Fullmoon In Scorpivs [bonus track]

Translation from Hebrew:
7. Hermeneutic god of life

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes.

Visit the A Perpetual Dying Mirror bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-02-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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