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Aglaomorpha : Fragments

Beware, brotherhood of Doom! Our familiar landscapes have been invaded by an atrocious beast! A two-headed monster covered with obscene tentacles. The Russian band Aglaomorpha has joined its spiritual forces to the alchemical art of its fellow countrymen Opaque Lucidity to give birth to a totally atypical, challenging, utterly weird album. 'Fragments' is its well-chosen name. It's enigmatic like few things I've heard before (Esoteric, Cethegus, Lurker of Chalice, as well as the individual works of Aglaomorpha and Opaque Lucidity are the sole references I can think of).

It's a gigantic Rubik's cube, a neverending puzzle, the pieces of which would all be the same, perfectly matching with the other ones and yet occupying no precise place; the sky in the picture can also be the water and a tree can become a bird flying upside-down and backwards the next time.

What we have here is what I'd call Ambient Doom. It's psychedelic without any hippy vibes, pitch-black without any of the grim lamentations of Funeral Doom; it has no melancholic edge, no cheesy parts.

The album's title, 'Fragments', depicts rather well what it is made of: parts with no coherence, bits without logic, moody and terrible passages that collapse on one another in chaotic deflagrations. Really, it's some tricky music to describe. You have abyssal growls (which is always a good thing), tired mumblings, Death-ish accelerations, ethereal and discreet keyboards, ultra heavy guitars.

You also have some primordial caves, some troglodyte twilight, some somber requiem, some dilapidated corridors in a nineteenth century's Asylum.

And you are never safe from the Beast's breath: When it dozes off, it's only to wake up with a start, full of hungry anger... And you'd better run for you life.

Cataclysmic. Yes! That's the right word! A gigantic orgasmic happening. A volcanic jam that will let you amazedů or sceptical. Or, and that's likely the way this boiling smelter will be received, you will not like it at all. I like it and I even dare recommend it.


Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Fragment I
2. Fragment II
3. Fragment III
4. Fragment IV
5. Fragment V
6. Fragment VI
7. Fragment VII
8. Fragment VIII
9. Fragment IX

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes.

Visit the Aglaomorpha bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-02-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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