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Black Wreath : A Pyre of Lost Dreams

Black Wreath is what can be called a "super-band". Mind you, it is composed of Kim Larsen, (ex-Saturnus, :Of The Wand And The Moon:; among other talented bands), of Blazing Eternity's vocalist Peter Mesnickow and Whelm's bassist Dave Müller (on a side note, I recommend you to have a listen to that awesome Sludge/Postcore band, not too famous but worth checking out). With such a noble ascent, you can imagine Black Wreath knows its stuff as long as melodic Doom Death is concerned. But the band goes a step further into the dark realms of Doom and often delivers a powerful, misty and sad Funeral Doom of the best essence.

The album is made out of four tracks, the last one being an ambient one. The first three are quite long (15 minutes for the longest) and instil the same kind of evocative moods. So I won’t enter into details, but instead I'll describe the album as a whole.

The voice shifts from heavy growls to the Saturnus-like half spoken, half mumbled voice. It tops a thick layer of mournful guitars' lines, monotonous and yet lyric in their tragic accents. There's a honest attitude in the way things are organized, a tranquil vibe, a deeply sad mood that throws a dark and heavy coat on your mind. The texture of the production won't release you either: The sound is cottony, a bit distant, which certainly is a good idea considering the type of atmospheres on display; it stifles the tragic proportions of the melodies and adds some kind of frustration that goes along very well with Funeral Doom. In some parts of the songs, you can hear that tension that swells, swells... But never explodes.

It's all bleak, morose and dreamy like an old, not-too-horrific gothic tale murmured by the fireplace. There is that feeling of loneliness, the twilight horizon, the mist-covered ruins, the pale forehead wrinkled with sorrow. Like an autumn drizzle that falls down continuously, blurring the outlines, swallowing the surrounding landscape.

"Elegant". This is a word that kept turning in my head while listening to this album; some others would be sober and pure... It doesn't come so often that a Death Doom project manages to sound so restrained, melodic and, yes, fragile without being whiny or too sweet. I've really enjoyed it very much and I do hope to see a follow-up in a not-too-far furure.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. The Black Holes of Your Mind
2. Nocturnal Dominion
3. Solitude Rising
4. Nidstöng

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the Black Wreath bandpage.

Reviewed on 08-12-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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