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The Devil and the Sea : MMVI

Released as a demo in 10 inch vinyl format only and limited to 666 copies, The Devil and the Sea's 'MMVI' is a gargantuan slab of southern sludge, atmospheric post-rock, and cycloramic doom. The most obvious touchstone is Neurosis, but the band manages to flesh out its sound with wildly distorted yet simplistic 'Floydian psych and the unnerving swamp swagger of Louisiana brethren EyeHateGod. The songs on 'MMVI are as equally audacious as they are ominous, melding a wide range of emotion with an immense sonic tapestry.

Lead track 'Ignition' is a dreamy swell of 'Meddle' era Pink Floyd exploration which lulls the listener into a state of bliss before unleashing the massive psychedelic delirium of 'Mother Furnace' on unsuspecting ears. 'Mother Furnace' is equal parts deliberation and bombast as it traverses fragile tonality and thunderous riffs with ease.

'Monolith', which is the most succinct piece of songwriting on 'MMVI', is three minutes of unadulterated southern sludge. Anchored by savage, down-tuned, thick as molasses riffs and elevated by its snarling, larynx shredding vocals 'Monolith' treads the same mire as Kylesa, Baroness and early Mastodon while never getting bogged down in mere parody. 'MMVI' closes with 'Swallow the Anchor', a raging slab of lumbering fury and caustic doom that leaves the listener yearning for more of this all too short demo.

The The Devil and the Sea navigate atmospheric peaks and sludgy valleys with ease and with 'MMVI' they have crafted an album that only scratches the surface of their considerable talent. If this is only a "demo", what the band may have in store next can not be understated...The Devil and the Sea are the real deal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ignition
2. Mother Furnace
3. Monolith
4. Swallow the Anchor

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes.

Visit the The Devil and the Sea bandpage.

Reviewed on 03-12-2009 by Kyle Havens
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