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Sloth (US) : Sloth/Dingus Split

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The occasions where Sloth has been out-weirded are few and far between - counting the splits with Raging Retards/Smegma Latency Group, Netjajev SS, and, of course, Dingus - but only once have they been out-sillied, and that honor went to their splitmates on this release. Dingus is without doubt the craziest band I've ever heard, which is why I'm using '"Umbrella"...' as my ringtone.

Sloth's side consist of a variety of different musical influences. '"ball-bra"', which can also be found on 'Division 1 State Champs', is a doom/sludge track in the characteristic style of Sloth. '"when i heard "death"'s version of "judas priest"'s "painkiller", i was glad that chuck schuldiner got braincancer"' (phew, and even then the name is shorter than the ones on Dingus' side), is a speed metal track that lasts a mere 24 seconds before the black metal track '"maniac gods from beyond the abyss"' abruptly butts in, cutting the previous track short. Finally the music returns to Sloth-style doom/sludge with '"... about religion..."'. Got to love the chipmunk vocals.

The strangeness that is Dingus creates tracks based on percussion accompanied by bottle blowing, a guitar, an off-key recorder flute, and the most retarded "wah"'s, "a-ja-i-uuh"'s, and "wo-hohoho"'s. The music sounds much like Terry S. Taylor's 'Imaginarium' (the Neverhood soundtrack, if anyone remembers that game) played by heavily drugged patients in a mental asylum (and even then 'Imaginarium' was already a really strange release). In other words, the music is as nuts as the tracktitles. I guess this is what you get from a band whose name means "a person regarded as stupid". I have no idea what became of the band after this release, but I'm pretty sure the band who claim to play punk in the style of Blink 182 cannot be the same as this one.

As it says on the cover, 100 copies were made of this 7". However, I have only spotted it twice on eBay during the 5 years I've been scouring it for Sloth releases. I guess people don't want to let go of this one, or simply became too brain damaged from the listening experience to understand the word 'sell'. Whatever effect it has on your brain, it's clearly one of the strangest releases I've ever encountered and also one of my favourite. This 7" is in real need of being reprinted.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. "ball-bra"
2. "when i heard "death"'s version of "judas priest"'s "painkiller", i was glad that chuck schuldiner got braincancer"
3. "maniac gods from beyond the abyss"
4. "... about religion..."

5. "The Vaseline Encounter" - Silicone kitten implants. They make life worth your beans. When you sing, you're meat. Meat. Song. Salad.
6. "Big Burlap Grandma" - Wood. Wood wax. Built on the premise of wood. Dirt is more than wood. Wood is more than our demise. Port wine poured on asses. Ass of the night.
7. "A Ho Ho Named Piss" - Hamburger, sandwich & clock! Water the plants or floss your teeth? Dad calls us "Beardbusters".
8. "Umbrella" - Michael is a park bench. Used pop cans and tripe litter the land. We are used to picking up and sitting down items on the fertile soil.
9. "Dangerous Grand Finale" - Spectacular meat! Wandering robe of the abyss. Announce to us the coming of the Dead Battery Dingus!

Duration : Approx. 13 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-11-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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