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Netjajev SS : Netjajev SS/Sloth Split

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This is one short split 12". Actually, I sort of consider this to be a split 7" in disguise as the length of the each of the contributions equals to one side of a 7". But they needed a bigger piece of vinyl so they could play around with the rpm.'s. More precisely, while Sloth's side is supposed to be played at 33 1/3 rpm., Netjajev SS' side is set to 45 rpm. and that means you'll have a problem fitting the five and a half minute track onto a 7". However, why they couldn't have gone for a split 10" is a mystery to me.

Netjajev SS is the one-man project of Swedish Magnus Lundberg, although the music sounds like a raving mass of schizophrenia bathing in a bucket full of substance abuse. When I heard the eccentric rock-and-(Gregorian?)-choir intro for the first time my initial thought was that this sounds like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen. This rapidly changed as a new style suddenly took it's place. And so continued the track; a catchy piece from one kind of music suddenly gets replaced by a completely different kind of music; grindcore, college rock, weird baa-core, seagul ambient, and perverted chipmunk AOR, are just a few to be mentioned. Quite frankly the end result is brilliant! It sounds somewhat like a Salvador Dali painting made into sound, and just like any of his paintings the music is utterly surreal but yet so recognizable and captivating. Brilliant! (By the way, SS is an abbreviation for 'society system' and is not a NS reference.)

The sound which is found Sloth's side reminds me quite a lot of 'Sweet Deal Vince Neil'. The same melody repeats itself throughout most of the track while the vocalist pop up now and then with a new song which doesn't seem at all related to any of the others. As so often before, the music is some sort of humping core but I'm not sure I'd call is sludgecore. It's their own brand, nothing more, nothing less. It's one of their best tracks and, despite being similar in many ways to 'Sweet Deal Vince Neil', I find that this track easily surpass that 7".

I guess my final verdict is, so what if this is a 12"? It still contains two really good tracks and there are many 12" who do not even have that. So, even if Sloth aren't at their doomiest, I'd still recommend this release to any and all who can appreciate this insanity. 150 copies were made so the release should be possible to get hold of. If not, then I can relate perfectly to those who keep their claws firmly attached to it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Netjajev SS:
1. Blue Amnion Terpentine

2. [untitled]

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes.

Visit the Netjajev SS bandpage.

Reviewed on 29-10-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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