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Touch The Spider! : Souls for Sale

It's only been half a year since Touch The Spider! released their debut ('I Spit on Your Grave') in February 2009, and the two piece has already released a second album. 'Souls for Sale' continues on exactly the same path which it's predecessor tread on. The songs sound all too familiar though none of them are cover songs or blatant copies. Take the track 'Adore the moon' as an example. The song is introduced with the trademark riff from 'Anarchy in the UK', but the mood is much more like that of an up-tempo Pentagram meets AC/DC. (Pentagram is actually a strong comparison throughout most of the album.) Therefore I think this feeling of familiarity is deceiving to a point. The very least that feeling prevents me from experiencing this material as original, but then I don't think that was the intention of it's creators either.

The really strong side of Touch The Spider! is their ability to make air guitar and head banging friendly songs. They do indeed seem to borrow a little from here and there, but the result seems to be a mixture that portrays the best sides of rock. Even so, the songs don't sound the least bit artificial and I think that is why I originally thought that most were cover songs. I recognized parts of the track from elsewhere and inferred that the whole song must be an alteration of something that came from the same place. When the familiarity seized to bug me I found both releases to be quite enjoyable.

While the doom rock/proto-doom influences have lessened since 'I Spit on Your Grave', I would still recommend this to those who enjoy hard rock in the vein of Pentagram and Black Sabbath. This is slow to mid-paced, riffing based, oldschool rock for those who are into that stuff.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Adore the moon
2. Lost
3. This ain't a love song
4. The die has been cast
5. Solitude
6. Searching
7. Life is real
8. Broken
9. Eve of despair
10. Souls for sale
11. Long way to hell
12. My god is dead
13. Into the unknown
14. War-heads
15. Nocturne

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the Touch The Spider! bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-10-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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