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Labyrintheory : in memoriam - demo #1

Black/Doom is always a pain in the ass to review. Not because of the quality, but because of the difficulty in actually pointing what is exactly Black/Doom. Mind you, the bands themselves don't seems to know, and I've been forced to listen to my share of very bad so-called Depressive Black Metal bands that were labeling themselves as Black/Doom. Coming from the USA, here's the first demo of Labyrintheory, a band that manage to mix Black/Doom and Doom/Death quite well.

Let's start with the weak point. This demo is too short, period. Just 20 minutes, intro included. Now I don't mind a short demo, but in this case, it means that the songs tend to end a bit abruptly. You have the feeling that the song could evolve, could still have something to tell... But no, they just end. Pretty weird, if you ask me, and it sounds like if you are listening to half a song each time. Which is a damn shame, because each song perfectly mix the coldness and harshness of mid-tempo Black Metal with the cemetery riffing that make Doom/Death such a sinful pleasure. Vocals manage to stay quite aggressive, never too growling nor shrieking, and with some great clean parts as well. Keyboards are never too intrusive, and the general sound is very good for a demo. Maybe a bit more guitars in the mix, but nothing that can be a listening problem.

While the music could be more put in the Doom/Death field, what make Labyrintheory stands apart is a feeling of evilness and malevolence that is prominent during the whole demo. Doom-related bands that manage to display an actual evil atmosphere are quite rare, and Labyrintheory bring it to the table with talent. Well played, full of great ideas and interesting despite its short duration, this is one of the most interesting new demos to have been released in the field of Extreme Doom this year. Watch out for the full-length the band is working on right now, this could be the surprise newcomer of the scene. And I hope that I'll find longer songs the next time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Where Fools Will Never See
2. Broken
3. Jehovah's Witless
4. Mythical
5. Of Blades And Burgundy

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes.

Visit the Labyrintheory bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-10-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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