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S:t Erik : From Under the Tarn

Space Doom is the name of the game among the Stoner scene those days. For those of you who've been lost in the Andromeda nebula for the past five years, Space Doom is more or less your classic Stoner Doom with a lot more psychedelia involved, and droning instruments. In short, it's Acid King on LSD (I know, it's redundant). Coming out of Sweden like a horde of Klingon warships on Deep Space Nine is S:t Erik. One could think that, given their moniker, the band would play a rather ultra-conservative Christian Doom (after all, Erik IX the Lawgiver, who gave his name to the band, wasn't really known to be a kind man). But that is not the case.

Right from the opening riff of Goddess, the influence of Acid King spring to the mind. Long brooding riffs, slow marching drumming, expanded vocals... If it wasn't for the fact that Erik Nordström is a man, then Lori S. would be expected to handle the vocal duties. But what make S:t Erik more than a talented copycat is the fact that they go far more into the atmospheric tripping fields than the Californian band. And they play long pieces of music, very long (the shortest song range at seven minutes long). Long enough for you to smoke two 'spliffs' and get high every time a new song start. Also, they're not afraid to experiment a bit, like by dropping a curious male/female duet on 'The Search', or using well-placed keyboards. Now keyboards in Stoner are generally more for some small mid-albums instrumentals, like the classic 'Night Of The Shape' on Electric Wizard's 'Let Us Prey'. Not here. For S:t Erik use keyboards damn well, which complement and expand the spacey vibe of their music.

To be frank, this is maybe the best Stoner Doom album since the release of 'Witchcult Today'. You can put it between Acrimony's timeless masterpiece 'Tumuli Shroomaroom' and Acid King's 'Zoroaster'. This is music to take a trip to, go visit some far out galaxies, see stars exploding before your eyes and resting near a pyramid among the dry channels of Mars. Heavy, drug-induced and brooding... Gimme that bong again, Sam...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Goddess
2. The Search
3. Your Highness
4. Black Wall
5. Swan Song

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes.

Visit the S:t Erik bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-10-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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