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Originally formed as Dawn of Gehenna in 1993, the five-piece band switched to using their native Estonian rather than English in 2005, and adopted the na...
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Argus : Argus

Ok, so you're fond of guitar? You're dying for good riffing and excellent solos? You love Heavy Metal? Don't go further: Argus is what you need. This (still) young band draws its inspiration from the NWOBHM of the 80ies. Iron Maiden in particular marks Argus' sound; like the Dickinson's bunch, Argus shows a wonderful talent in writing catchy, energetic, melodic and grandiose songs.

On top of the edifice, we have a good singer (ex-Penance), who, without having a very original range of voice, can vary its effects and switch easily between a somewhat authoritative tone and a more lyrical one. Be it prophetic, angry, roaring or shrill, his voice is very evocative and helps greatly to gives the music an immediate touch of seduction. The tracks are relatively long, sometimes cut into a couplets-choruses patterns, but most of the time they are structured by the repeated use of guitar solos, which, if they are quite conventional, are all remarkably performed.

There are also obvious Prog. Rock/Metal influences in Argus' sound; the kind of relatively complex Metal that bands like Queensr˙che or Wuthering Heights can play; it's melodic and sophisticated without being artificially ornamented and twisted. The overall pace is energetic, proud and virile. It rocks - and that's good when talking about Doom to hear that kind of band that can keep that groovy/swinging vibe without giving up on the 'obscure' factor.

Because yes, remember, I'm talking about Doom Metal here; the spirit of Doom dominates Argus' compositions. This is the belt that contains the musical verve of the group. The dark underground current, heavy and threatening, a blood-red stream that ties the parts together and makes the whole absolutely consistent. Usually, the music goes mid-tempo but sometimes, and to my greater delight, the pace crumbles down and the mighty Doom just crushes any small trace of pleasure and joy. The two longest tracks on the album 'The Damnation of John Faustus' and 'The Outsider' are convincing examples of the pachydermic crushing capacity of Argus.

Some years ago Bland Hand Records revealed the band to the world by distributing its demo for free on the net. This first album is made of four songs out of five that composed this demo and adds four new songs on top of them.

2009 is a good year for Doom, Trad. Doom in particular. If you have listened to 'After the Fall' from Forsaken and 'Death Magic Doom' from Candlemass this year, you know what to expect. If you liked those albums, then Argus is for you.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Devils, Devils
2. Bending Time
3. From Darkness Light
4. Eternity (Beyond, Part I)
5. None Shall Know the Hour
6. The Damnation of John Faustus
7. The Effigy Is Real
8. The Outsider

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes.

Visit the Argus bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-10-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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