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Classic revisited

Aldebaran : "...From Forgotten Tombs."

'"...From Forgotten Tombs"' is a 2-in-1 re-release of the 'Pleasures of War' 7" and Aldebaran's half of the 'Rue/Aldebaran Split'. In other words, this is their two first releases in one package for new listeners to enjoy. They've also put in a bonus track as an incentive for those already familiar with these releases: a Pentagramcover. It's just too bad that the spoken intro has been removed from a couple of the tracks. They really did add flavor to those. Otherwise the songs are identical and I have already reviewed those releases. Therefore I'd rather provide the reader with the links to those than to tediously repeat myself ('Pleasures of War'; 'Rue/Aldebaran Split').

The cover song does however deserve closer scrutiny. 'The Ghoul' was originally released in 1985 on 'Pentagram' (later re-released as 'Relentless'). Sludging the oldschool doom rock, which was the original sound of the track, is not an easy feat unless you don't mind ruining the mood of the track. However, Aldebaran seems to enjoy the occasional grooving track and know how to pull off combining that with doom/sludge. That prerequisite might be what gave them the ability to pull off this stunt and to do so without loosing the original feeling. The song is filthier than the original and undeniably less pretty. The graveyard soil has been desecrated with toxic waste and the maggots have mutated, but 'The Ghoul (Pentagram Cover)' is still 'The Ghoul'. As a fun bit of trivia, Aldebaran recorded the cover in a recording studio called The Autopsy Room...

As you might realize, these tombs might not be all that interesting for those who have not forgotten them (or never discovered them for that matter). The cover song is in my ears worth the cost of a full LP, but that might just be me. It might be worth checking out for those who do not have the two original releases. In here you'll find varied tracks where most of them seem to stand out as special, and then in particular the really aggressive 'Pleasures of War'. In here I believe most doom/sludge fanatics will find something to their liking.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Pleasures of War
2. Astoroth
3. They Bend the Trees and Crush the Cities
4. The Obscene
5. Aldebaran Red
6. Tower of Famine
7. The Ghoul (Pentagram Cover)

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Aldebaran bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-10-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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