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Children of Doom : Ride-Over the Green Valley

"The Obsessed and Motörhead created a monstrously heavy bastard!!"

This was the advertising sentence that was promoting the first album of swedish band Serpent, back there in 1996. 13 years later, and it seems that the 2 aforementioned bands have gotten laid together again, as a new bastard offspring corresponding exactly to this description has been born. Meet Children of Doom, from France.

The first thing that strike are the vocals. Now we finally know where Glenn Danzig has been hidden all those long years since the release of his 4th album, because he now sings in this band under the moniker B.B.F. And, lo!! He even play guitar like Dave Chandler too!! Joke asides, Children of Doom sounds exactly like that : The Obsessed, fronted by Glenn Danzig and with Dave Chandler holding the axe. What more could you want?

Groove? Check. Monolithic riffing? Check. Lyrics about post-apocalyptic world and the 3 B's (Bikes, Booze and Babes)? Check. Pro-printed and pro-produced release? Check. 80's vibe? Check and double check!! So, is it a flawless release? Alas, no it's not. The sound tend to be a bit weak sometimes, which force you to put your volume to the maximum. Not that I really have problems with that, but to some it'll be a weak spot. Second one is that, despite being damn well executed, with all the soul and gut needed for that, there's nothing new under the sun. Children Of Doom knows their Doom Bible by heart, and they display the Gospel of Doom-metal strictly by the book. You won't find anything new inside, and frankly, I think that the band just doesn't care about it. And so am I, since this is the best Traditional doom demo I've heard since the 1st release of The Bottle Doom Lazy Band. Coincidentally, those 2 bands are scheduled to release a split 7" EP together.

Children of Doom is a young band, that you can hear. But this means they have plenty of rooms to gain experience, and when you hear this CD, all you can think is : "Fuck, this is just their 1st release... How crushing it'll be once they'll reach the stage of a 1st album." Do yourself a favour, support them by buying their demo. All traditionalists around here simply won't go wrong with it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hell's On Wheels
2. Rusty World
3. Hangover
4. We Are Bestial And Raw

Duration : Approx. 28 minutes.

Visit the Children of Doom bandpage.

Reviewed on 11-10-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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