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Galician band Dantalion demonstrate strong Black Metal roots, somewhat mellowed with later releases, and up-tempo blackened beats are never far away from...
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Reino Ermitaņo : Rituales Interiores

Reino Ermitaņo come from Lima, Peru ,and this is the first time that I have had the opportunity, not only to listen to their material, but also to hear a band from Peru. The band sings in their mother language, which is Spanish, and because of this I cannot understand the lyrics. I was born in Greece and in Greece we speak Greek. The language barrier is not a problem, though, as it adds to the mystique of the album.

The band plays old school doom heavily influenced by Pentagram, Black Sabbath, and Saint Vitus. One very interesting aspect of the band is the vocals. The band has a female vocalist, which is not all that rare these days and this age, but Tania Duarte has a very unique voice. Her voice is not very melodic but she can really captivate you with it.

The album opens with 'El Despertar' a heavy and dynamic song that puts the listener in the right mood for what will come in the next songs: heavy riffs, melodic solos, solid rhythms, and a mystical ritualistic atmosphere. An example of this is the second track 'Oro Negro'. The band can get a lot heavier but with a very delicate approach. 'El Sol Tras la Niebla', the song that comes next, is in a league of its own. The folk/paganistic feel blends with progressive rock and a doom attitude to form a song that really creeps into the mind without the listener even noticing. From that point on the band gets darker and darker reminding me of bands from the Black Widow Records roster. The highpoint of this dark and progressive turn is 'Desencarnado'. The album closes with the instrumentals 'Samaritano' and 'El Ermitaņo'. A song that is both short and acoustic is the best way to bring you back to reality, with a smile and a big thank you to the band for the experience;, especially if you enjoy not only the names mentioned in the beginning of the review but also Northwinds or Pagan Altar (in their folkier moments).

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. El Despertar
2. Oro Negro
3. El Sol Tras la Niebla
4. Cabeza de Culebra
5. Escudo y Cruz
6. La Daga
7. Hacia la Nada
8. Desencarnado
9. Samaritano
10. El Ermitaņo

1. Waking up
2. Black gold
3. The sun after the fog
4. Snake head
5. Shield and cross
6. The dagger
7. Towards the nothing
8. Discarnate
9. Samaritan
10. The hermit

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes.

Visit the Reino Ermitaņo bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-09-2009 by Dimitris Plastiras
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