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The band cannot be pigeonholed that easily; they play a kind of down-tempo Black Metal which could as well be described as blackened Death Doom. Their gloomy mu...
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Heavenshore : Far Beyond the Afterlife

Heavenshore come from Spain. I know that in the mid 90’s there was another band by the same name but this one is unrelated as they formed around 2005.

On the band's MySpace page, they list as their influences: Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and a few others. However, to these ears the band sounds very similar to While Heaven Wept. Both bands are very similar in how they write and orchestrate their music. The demo was recorded over a three year period between 2006 and 2009 and a big plus for this demo is that the production is very good for a self-financed release. Now that I'm thinking of it, I have official albums that don't sound this good.

The first track is 'The Meaningless Creation'. The song is characterized by melody, an extreme feeling of despair and a sense of theatrical drama. 'Abyss of the Void' comes next and is different than the first song. I can only guess that it belongs to a different period of the band. The song is more rhythmic and riff based with some progressive tendencies. It's a good song and will be great live. The next song, 'When Souls Reach their Meaning', is in the same vein as the first track and probably comes from the same period, but this song is much more intense than the others. The demo closes with 'Godsend' and this song presents a much different approach than what we've listened to up until now. The band becomes heavier and, to a point, the song reminds me of Mirror of Deception and Doomshine.

As a reviewer I must find some flaw with the demo. I can say that I do have a small issue with the vocals and by that I don't mean that they are bad. Actually, the clean vocals that the band uses are superb and their singer has great skill, but the band also uses growling vocals that somehow don't work very well with the rest of the music. Other than this minor issue, which is totally to the taste of the listener, the demo is almost perfect and I hope for new material soon. All traditionalists check their music at the webpage.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Meaningless Creation
2. Abyss of the Void
3. Where Souls Reach their Meaning
4. Godsend

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes.

Visit the Heavenshore bandpage.

Reviewed on 25-09-2009 by Dimitris Plastiras
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