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Cathedral : Cosmic Funeral [bootleg!]

[note from author: WARNING: This is not an official album; it is a bootleg containing a performance of the band from Milan, Italy on 24th of May, 1994.]

The first reason for this review, or more correctly the presentation of this album, is the historic value that most of these old bootlegs hold. The other is that, despite the sound being far from perfect, 'Cosmic Funeral' is among the few bootlegs of the band that was recorded directly from the soundboard. The band was in great form during this period, and to me the time between 1993 and 1996 was when the band released their best material. The songs on this album sound much more aggressive and brutal than their studio counterparts, and the fact that the sound is totally untouched gives them a primitive feel. Just listen to 'Cosmic Funeral' or 'Autumn Twilight' and you will understand what I mean. There are some dropouts here and there in the mix, and in the beginning the guitar is a little buried, but it improves as the show progresses. Overall, the album allows the listener to experience the intensity of the band's performance.

One trivial fact about this bootleg is that it was once listed in the band's discography on their old website. This show was also released under the name 'City Square' by another bootleg company unknown to me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Enter Worms
2. Autumn Twilight
3. Cosmic Funeral
4. Midnight Mountain
5. A Funeral Request
6. Ride

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Cathedral bandpage.

Reviewed on 24-09-2009 by Dimitris Plastiras
Forever Autumn
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