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Bloody Panda : Summon

A few years back, a review in the New-York Times brought to the attention of the Arty Rock scene the names of Sunn O))) and Pelican. The evolution this brought to the genre is only been felt nowadays, when you see Stephen O'Malley doing happenings in Modern Art museums and such. Very roughly put, Bloody Panda could be summed up as Arty Sludge. But that would not really cover what this band is really like. For starters, let's say that if you expect filthy necro Sludge la Grief or Corrupted here, you won't find it.

Bloody Panda is interesting because they have their own sound, their own take on how Sludge should be. First of all, they use keyboards. Now, remind me what other Sludge band use keyboards? If I had to compare Bloody Panda to other bands, I would say that the band is at the crossroad between Cult Of Luna (for the alternation of atmospheric and brutal parts) and Monarch (for the screaming girl on the microphone and the psychedelic vibe).

But Bloody Panda is, most of all, Arty. No songs about how hard it is to get a crack pipe those days, and such. Musically, 'Summon' sounds very ritualistic. There's a bunch of songs here you could use for your Maho rituals, people ('Gold' or the impressive epic track 'Miserere'). It's also a very haunting and haunted album, not unlike 'Mer Morte' from Monarch. The fact is also that, while I don't find 'Summon' to be filthy, it is still very mentally sick and dirty. Where Grief show you what lurks inside abandoned warehouse in ruins, Bloody Panda prefer to show you the whole picture of the ruined neighborhood where this warehouse lay.

This album is a good one, but you'll have to be very open-minded to understand it. At times, the songs sound a bit Postcore (the very Year Of No Light-ish 'Pusher'), but always with that doomed feeling that make it worth getting. Is there anything as Post-Sludge? Maybe now, there is...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
01. Gold
02. Pusher
03. After Reality
04. Saccades I
05. Saccades II
06. Miserere
07. Grey
08. Hashira

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes.

Visit the Bloody Panda bandpage.

Reviewed on 19-08-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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