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Mid tempo traditional Doom with epic clean vocals. A bit in the vein of Candlemass and Witchfinder General. Has a NWOBHM feel mainly due to the vo...
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Kimaera : Ebony Veiled

Kimaera is a lebanese Gothic/Doom band, and I must say that I wouldn't have thought to see this sub-style played in such a country. Blame it on me, with their first album, Kimaera manage to have its moments, while being far from perfect.

On the plus side, there is the guitars and the vocals. The guitars are heavy but not too much, and knows when it's good to bring melodies to the songs (especially in the solos, which are very progressive sometimes, like on 'The Day Innocence Died'). Tempo range from mid to up, reminding me a lot of the dutch Gothic Metal scene of the late 90's (and especially from the 2 firsts Orphanage albums). Early Theatre Of Tragedy seems also to have been an influence, as well as the more mellow parts of My Dying Bride. Vocals are your typical Beauty and the Beast style. While the growls of Jean-Pierre Haddad are good and deep as it should be, I can't help but to find them a bit too common. On the other hand, Sabine Hamad bring some middle-eastern flavour to the tracks, which is a welcome touch, and innovative with that. A violin and some keyboards (sometimes well-used, sometimes cheesy) complete the picture.

On the down side, songs are sometimes a bit too up-tempo for my liking, with the band crossing the border to pure Gothic Metal more than once. Also, the sound on the guitars when there should sound heavy isn't just heavy enough. Where Kimaera is the more interesting is in the longer songs, like the epic 'In A Dying Embrace' and 'God's Wrath'. There, Kimaera show us their talent, changing rhythms with great ease, throwing melodic parts to lighten some heavy ones, going even a bit atmospheric at some time. This shows a lot of promises, and despite its slight imperfections, 'Ebony Veiled' is a worthy debut for a band that deserve the support of every romantic Doomster out there.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Disarray
2. Among The Dead
3. Idyllic Illusions
4. The Day Innocence Died
5. In A Dying Embrace
6. God's Wrath
7. Mess Of Hostility
8. Ebony Veiled

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes.

Visit the Kimaera bandpage.

Reviewed on 18-08-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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