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The band adds to the epic Heavy Metal fundation, which serves as structure for the songs, some light gothic Doom shades and lots of keyboard lines that help wea...
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Whispering Gallery : Poems of a Forgotten Dream

As a forewarning, Whispering Gallery are unlikely to appeal to those who despise My Dying Bride type, 'gothic' doom, and who argue constantly about how 'tr00' they are. In fact, it is highly probable that the band will annoy such people to great extents, and perhaps even strike terror and anguish into their hearts. No... WG. are far more suitable for those who spend great hours of the day isolated, immersing themselves in darkness whilst listening to nothing but MDB.'s 'Like Gods of the Sun' and yearning for a dreamy romance, and ultimately, their own tragic demise. Luckily, I fall under such a category, and 'Poems of a Forgotten Dream' goes down a treat for my 'pussy' and 'fag' like ears.

Originating from the Netherlands, Whispering Gallery consist of six highly talented fellows, three of which contribute to the elaborate and effective mix of high and low singing, grunt, scream, spoken word and whispering vocals. Two of these men also provide the bass and percussion, whilst the three other, non-verbal members are made up of two guitarists and a keyboardist. The band plays reasonably original and immensely good modern doom-death, which also features lots of gothic, medieval, romantic, tragic and mellow influences, and are moderately comparable to Theatre of Tragedy circa their 'Theatre of Tragedy'/'Velvet Darkness They Fear' period. And this, their first 'proper' record besides their self-released 'Gallery Of Dreams' demo, is no exception to such a description.

Though the production is perhaps a little lacking, WG. are promptly forgiven due to it being one of their first releases, and the quality of this Mini CD more than makes up for it anyway. The vocals are prominent, and as previously stated, very impressive indeed in all their various incarnations, and the synthesizers and keys add much to the emphatic and emotive atmosphere 'Poems...' presents. With the exception of 'Tragedies of a Darkened soul', a moody, yet brief, mellow song featuring a magnificent organ (or at least, the keyboard rendition of it), as well the acoustic guitar and singing that is slightly reminiscent of Opeth's mellower moments, all the tracks remain within the six minute mark, and are masterpieces of sorrowful, modern death-doom with great sentiment.

It may not go down all that well with proto, epic and traditional doom fans, but for the more gothic minded doom fanatic, this is a record bursting with emotion and quality that will no doubt prove to be admired for years to come, and deserves to earn Whispering Gallery great popularity.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Lord of the Enchanted Forest
2. My Final Hour on Earth
3. Tragedies of a Darkened Soul
4. Into the Valley of Loneliness

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes.

Visit the Whispering Gallery bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Stephen Burrell
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