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Veni Domine : 23:59

The latest Veni Domine album entitled '23:59' has finally seen the light of the day. The Swedish doom metallers once more present us with a highly inspired album full of dark, emotional and melodic music for our souls. To tell you the truth, I was left a little bit confused after first hearing of the album because I fast realized that in several moments I got to go on a new journey into Veni Domine's world through different, new musical paths. But I must say that the more I listened to the album, the deeper I was entering into its strange and mysterious world. So after several hearings I must point out that two facts remain clear: First of all Veni Domine are able to create magnificent music. Secondly it is clear that the band has not followed the musical paths of melodic, mournful, epic doom metal fully but they have managed to open their musical wings and present us with a complex result of dark, heavy, emotional and melodic music that is hard to describe in simple musical terms.

The album begins with the song 'Like I'm Crucified', a very melancholic mid-tempo song characterized by dark melodies in its main theme and chorus –that remains the strongest part of the song. The band has taken a modern musical approach with this song with some electronic musical elements that left me a little bit surprised to tell you the truth. 'Shine' is the second song and its intro and main riffs are slow to mid-tempo, another modern approach in the riffing but the spirit of Veni Domine still wanders around the song. Once more some electronic elements left me surprised in the next song, 'Patience, Receive', which is another song in a melancholic and mysterious mood, the keyboards and the melodic vocal lines are creating the basic melodies. From the next song, 'Electrical Heaven' things become more wild and powerful, great guitar main theme and a magnificent melodic chorus, great song for sure. 'Valley of the Visions' is one of my favorite songs on this release. It is a brilliant song with a great atmospheric main part, magnificent melodic vocal lines, great guitar themes and probably the most characteristic and melodic chorus of the whole album; definitely a song in the great Veni Domine epic doom metal standard. The atmospheric introduction of 'Living Sequence' prepares us for the electric break that follows. Again we can hear some electronic elements but the guitars are still there. 'Burdens' is my second favorite song after 'Valley of the Visions'. You have to listen to this tune to realize how inspired it is. A melodic, epic and dark anthem; a song that only bands like Veni Domine are able to write and of course the ideal follower of such an opus is another opus with the title 'Die Another Day', a song with great guitar themes and keyboards that fit very well in its atmosphere. 'Brothers' continues in the same mood and as you may have realized as we are moving deeper into the world of this album the songs are becoming heavier, darker and closer to the classic Veni Domine style. Two songs have been left for the album to finish with. 'Hyper Sober Nature' is the weakest song of this release; completely out of the album's general mood. However, 'Frozen' is another Veni Domine anthem capable of standing next to their classic tunes, a song able to whisper its beauty straight to your soul. This song completes the trio of the album's best tunes together with 'Valley of the Visions' and 'Burdens'.

To round up my thoughts I must say that Veni Domine have offered us an album that contains both some weak and brilliant songs. They seem to create their greater tunes when they choose to move on their well known, epic, melodic, deep and mournful musical paths. They seem weaker and beside the point when they choose to use electronic musical elements and a little bit of a modern approach in their songs. I would prefer the production to be a little heavier, but nevertheless I must say that the music of Veni Domine itself is in general so deep and inspired and has the strange ability to make the listener dive into its world, that there is really no room for thoughts about “heavy production”. I can understand the thirst of Veni Domine (and every band) to search for new songwriting processes and new musical elements but I think that they should stay with their classic style. Even in a record like this the classic Veni Domine musical moments are more, better and stronger than the modern ones, so everyone can make the comparison. As I said before the clear fact is that this band is able to create magnificent music and that is what you will hear on their latest album for one more time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Like I'm Crucified
2. Shine
3. Patience, Receive
4. Electrical Heaven
5. Valley of the Visions
6. Living Sequence
7. Burdens
8. Die Another Day
9. Brothers
10. Hyper Sober Nature
11. The Frozen

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes.

Visit the Veni Domine bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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