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DOOM. PSYCHEDELIA. STONER ROCK. The three terms which solidify and justify the existence of this musical anomaly known as SLEESTAK. Greatly influence...
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Vāli : Forlatt

Vāli is the self-named solo musical project of the lead guitar player in Norwegian doom band Skumring. Because Vāli's acoustic guitar playing features prominently in Skumring's music, this album of classical folk guitar music might be interesting to those who want to broaden their horizon a bit.

Obviously, this is not a doom release, but if you're looking for a melancholic atmosphere, you'd best read on. These ten tracks contain a hoard of beautiful, moody acoustic guitar melodies, occasionally accompanied by a bit of flute, cello, piano or female vocals by Skumring vocalist Cecilie (on 'Lengsel'). Everything's instrumental, and the songs are all short and full of variation in the multi-layered melodies and therefore never monotonous.

Vāli is an excellent guitar player and he manages to capture the right atmosphere on this short album. If you're into nature-inspired acoustic music, this one is highly recommended. It is an excellent companion album to Ulver's 'Kveldssanger', and also a must for lovers of other folky acoustic music, such as Nest or October Falls.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Naar Vinden Graater...
2. Dypt Inne I Skogen
3. Et Ensomt Minne
4. Nordlysets Dans
5. Lengsel
6. Sorg
7. Skumringens Omfavn
8. Her Ute I Moerket
9. Taake
10. Doedens Evige Kall

1. When the wind cries
2. Deep inside the woods
3. A lonely memory
4. Dance of the aurora
5. Longing
6. Grief
7. Dusk's embrace
8. Out here in the darkness
9. Fog
10. The eternal calling of death

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes.

Visit the Vāli bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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