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A band from Rostov-on-Don, formed in 2007, Everlasting create lengthy, very slow-developing compositions which occasionally include fast, blackened secti...
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The 3rd and the Mortal : Painting on Glass

This album seems to have been made with just one goal in mind: to create some of the most atmospheric music ever. And apart from the first song 'Magma' The 3rd and the Mortal make up a lot that they lost (for me) on 'Nightswan'.

The music is still highly experimental but it holds more structure and works towards a common goal. The sheer number of additional instruments used illustrates well how experimental this album is; from trombone, organ and didjeridoo to a waterbucket.

I doubt if this album can still be considered metal. While some people say The 3rd and the Mortal lost their metal edge on the next album, 'In the Room', it is hard to discover any real metal parts on this one. Instead we get a psychedelic, dreamy and ambient soundscape. It is easy to just dream away on this CD and float on its tranquil atmosphere.

A point of criticism however, half the tracks on the album are instrumentals. This when the some of the best tracks like 'Crystal Orchids' and 'Dreamscapes' all feature A. M. Edvardsen vocal talents.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Magma
2. Commemoration
3. Crystal Orchids
4. Persistent and Fleeting
5. White Waters
6. Aurora Borealis
7. Dreamscapes
8. Aurora Australis
9. Azure
10. Veiled Exposure
11. Stairs
12. Eat the Distance
13. Vavonia (part 2)
14. Horizons

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the The 3rd and the Mortal bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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