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Originally a solo Black Metal project, founded in Lombardi in 2011, Enthroned Darkness has slowly evolved into a duo and moved into more of a blackened F...
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Tristitia : Crucidiction

Tristitia have been since years one of my favourite melodic doom bands, combining outstanding, semi-technical melodic guitar lead, tasteful acoustic guitar intermezzo's, passionate vocals and dark synth sounds. Their unique, mournful atmosphere makes them stand out in the highly melodic - yet mostly devoid of depression and misery - Swedish metal scene.

Their second effort 'Crucidiction' is not different than their other two releases; the band works further on the path set by their classic debut 'One with Darkness'. The highly distinguisable guitar melodies are once again present, and so are the insanely mournful vocals of Thomas Karlsson.

The album departs with the excellent intro 'Ego Sum Resurrecto': heavy doom mixed with Gregorian chants is a combination which evokes many «wows» during the listening experience. The outstanding 'Christianic Indulgence' follows with its unforgettable opening phrase : "Pray to your Mighty God/and I will pray to mine." However, most of the other material on this album isn't that impressive and I still don't know exactly what it lacks. All the ingredients are still present, but somehow they fail to elicit the same emotional response as they did on their two other albums. Is it perhaps the absence of the highly sarcastic lyrics or the depressive song structures of the first album, or the absence of the epic feel which the band developped on this album's follow up 'The Last Grief'?

The digipack version of the album I own also contains some bonus material, which are all unreleased versions of tracks from 'One with Darkness'. Unfortunately, these versions appear to be inferior to the 'official' versions, both production wise as in execution. The good points of this release are the once again excellent artwork and package - but this is hardly surprising for a label like Holy Records.

I would advice those who are not familiar with the sound of this band to check out the other releases of Tristitia first. However, I would still recommend the album to the fans of this band because it certainly has its moments.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ego Sum Resurrecto
2. Christianic Indulgence
3. Crucidiction
4. Wintergrief
5. Envy the Dead
6. Lioness' Roar
7. Mark My Words
8. Gardenia
9. Final Lament
10. One with Darkness
11. Winds of Sacrifice
12. Dance of the Selenities
13. Dancing Souls
14. Kiss the Cross

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes.

Visit the Tristitia bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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