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Self-tagged as "Crushing Baroque Funeral Doom", Estrangement offer a complicated mix of Death/Doom with Funeral and Neoclassical elements, displaying som...
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Toner Low : Toner Low

Together since 1998 when they were a three-guitar killer riffing machine, The Netherland's Toner Low is now a stoner/doom power trio. They're happiest when they're grabbing your retinas by the ganglia and shaking them in slo-mo until your vision explodes in tracers and hallucinations of all types. With tracks averaging over seven minutes and a musical frequency wall ranging from delicious fuzz to crashing subsonics, they're well equipped to do it. So lie back, take your medicine, and submit.

The cardboard packaging may make you think you're in for a mellow orange sunshine trip, but the weird song titles tell a truer tale. 'Evil machinery on the rise' is a cameo of what Toner Low is all about: heavy riffage and treated vocals, a repetitive wall of distortion, and a vibe like High on Fire goes science fiction. There's just enough interest in the repetition to make you listen for more, and there's a strong feeling that this would come off quite well live, especially with a light show and a few smoke machines... 'Devilbots designed to assimilate' has a more plodding, droning, lurching doom vibe with lots of building tension, while 'Into the sunn of Nymrod' is about floating through sinister atmospheres of dark lysergic vision. The 14+ epic closer, 'We Will Conquer', is truth in advertising, with a devil's stew of riffs, space rock, melodic wordless vocals a la Boz on King Crimson's 'Islands', psychedelic guitar distortion, and a synth wash freakout. Whew!

This is the kind of music that Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (Daevid Allen, anyone?) listens to in his garrett apartment in A'Dam while imbibing a Seconal/mushroom cocktail and re-reading his copy of Helter Skelter [edit by admin.: By Vincent Bugliosi]. It's definitely for those favoring the more relentless side of heavy psychedelia and is likely to find adherents among lovers of the aforementioned HOF., Ocean Chief, OM, or Mountain Maker. Just stay away from the brown acid.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Evil machinery on the rise
2. Devilbots designed to assimilate
3. Through endless fields of waving grass we battle
4. Praying for Murphy's law to arise
5. Into the sunn of Nymrod
6. We will conquer

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes.

Visit the Toner Low bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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