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ThunderStorm : Faithless Soul

This is the third album for the Italian doomsters. After 'Sad Symphony' (2000) and 'Witchunter Tales' (2002). The album once more measures up to the well-known high standards of the Italian doomsters. Take as an example the opening track 'Templars Of Doom (Dark Knight return)' which is an ultra-fucking doom metal opus in slow tempo (probably my favorite from the ThunderStorm discography). This song is followed by the faster 'Forbidden Gates' which becomes even slower just a little after the middle and is based on a great mournful guitar melody. 'Black Light' follows and has a great doom metal opening riff, but just after that great song it is time for a cover version of 'In a Gadda Da Vida', originally by old psychedelic rockers Iron Butterfly. In my opinion this hippie song cover does not fit with the doom metal background of the record, even if the band has tried to execute it in their personal musical style. Fortunately after that cover song the slow tempo and the ultra heavy riff of 'In My House Of Misery' reminds us that here we've got doom metal not butterflies and flowers. Maintaining the mood, the record flows like a black river into the listener’s ears with songs such as 'Hidden face', 'Final Curtain', and 'Narrow Is The Road'.

The band has got the talent to change between slow and faster tempos; they are always building great riffs, managing to keep the interest of the listener on a high level. They will remind you a little bit of Trouble and Solitude Aeturnus with a little ghost of Black Sabbath wandering here and there. The voice of the singer is of a high standard and much improved from the previous albums, even though sometimes the Italian accent is recognisable in his English.

Well, for those who believe that Italy has only spaghetti, pizza and Euro-power metal, ThunderStorm is a great doom metal answer and they have released a high-quality doom metal album. Worth checking for sure.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Templars Of Doom
2. Forbidden Gates
3. Black Light
4. In a Gadda da Vida
5. In My House Of Misery
6. Hidden Face
7. Final Curtain
8. Narrow Is The Road

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes.

Visit the ThunderStorm bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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