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The early releases contained very slow and haunting Death/Doom filled with sombre riffs, slow drums and tortured, grunted vocals. Slow crushing music without an...
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Throttlerod : Nail

'Nail' is Throttlerod's strongest release to date, and it will leave you scratching your head if you thought you knew them. They've always been distinguishable among the many so-called "Southern" bands, chiefly because of their extraordinary whipcrack-tight rhythm section overlaid with Southern metal chord progressions. Just listen to their cover of 'Old Black Betty' off the vitally necessary 'Sucking the 70s - Back In The Saddle' compilation. Or see them live, as I did a few years ago. Whew!

Now stripped to a power trio, the group's pounding, driving rhythm section is still in place today, but any similarities to past efforts stop there. The occasional "Southernisms" may still manifest itself, but the music has largely left that behind in favor of a lean, raw, jagged, angry metal sound that puts them more in a Northeastern cultural orbit than any that might be imagined around, say, Muscle Shoals. No surprise, since the album's producer, Andrew Schneider (who also appears on the album) has produced such New England underground monsters as Milligram and Roadsaw. You'll hear far more of them on 'Nailed' than you will 'Skynyrd or The Allman Brothers. At times they even step out of the stoner/doom genre completely, sounding more like King Crimson, Shellac, or 80s hardcore. Lotsa rhythm, lotsa riffs, and less obvious melody than previous releases.

This ain't your big brother's Throttlerod. They may seem to be all about brute power now, but who knows? This band refuses to make the same album twice, so where they'll go after this is anybody's guess. But if the past has taught us anything, it's that Throttlerod are likely to wrap it all up in a high quality package. It helps that they're on Small Stone, who've assisted many a group in honing their sound without sacrificing their balls. 'Nailed' is an abrasive, coherent beast that will leave you demanding more.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Prizefighter
2. Stand 'em Up
3. Horse Paw
4. Big Name
5. A Fly on the Fault Line
6. Nail
7. Rabbit
8. Shovel
9. Teething
10. Indian Head

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes.

Visit the Throttlerod bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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