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This Tangled Web : Nothing to Hold You Here

Recently This Tangled Web impressed me immensely with their rehearsal tape 2001. Their absolutely soul-crushing heavy, yet bleak, death-doom, made me hungry for an official release. Fortunately I did not need to wait too long because a few weeks later the band announced the release of their first self produced mCD.

The mCD however is somewhat different from the rehearsal tracks I had heard. The Doom-metal influence is less and the band plays more up-tempo melodic death-metal, creating more aggressive tracks. There are a lot of modern-day Doom elements present to still make the music sound very bleak and depressive, but the addition of melodic death-metal parts ruin it slightly for me. This Tangled Web obviously does not want to be pigeonholed into one genre or make it easy to compare to them just a few bands. This is something that I find commendable on the one hand but on the other hand I wish they hadn't.

I adore the Death/Doom elements, their bleak feel, their soul crushing heaviness. I like the addition of slightly more accessible "gothic" sections, but I am not really that charmed by the melodic death-metal sections. It makes the music livelier, and that is exactly what I don't want! Give me monotony, repeating drone, depression, desolation! The more melodic parts are well executed but This Tangled Web never sticks out above thew crowd of other bands playing similar music. Their talent in my opinion lies with the inaccessible and unforgiving dirge death/doom I heard on their rehearsal work. Fortunately it still surfaces on this mCD.

Don't get me wrong, this is a very interesting release. This Tangled Web obviously has a lot of talent and they know how to create that bleak unforgiving doomed atmosphere all Fins seem to be able to generate (must be genetic). I also understand their need to play what they like, but if you are so good at one thing (dirge death/doom) and, while not bad at all, don't stand out at another (melodic death) then I'd say stick to what your good at.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. No Funeral
2. Recycle

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes.

Visit the This Tangled Web bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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