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Sludge Metal outfit from the city of Novosibirsk in the south-western region of Siberia. Accordingly to their label, the band "try to combine sociopathic aggres...
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Towards Darkness : Solemn

Canadian extreme doom seems to be on the uprise lately. Of course, we had a project like Zaraza a couple of years ago, and Longing for Dawn with two good albums, but now there's Towards Darkness (previously known as The Mass) to fill the ranks.

This is the debut album, released on Twilight Foundation, the daughter label of Cyclic Law from Montréal. We get over an hour of funeral doom with a touch of drone (the non-doom kind) thrown in. The majority of the tracks are slow and heavy, with growls, keyboards and plodding riffs, sounding quite a bit like countryfellows Longing for Dawn, but also with a nod towards Shape of Despair. Some riffs are sustained for a long period, creating hypnotic sections in some of the tracks. "Alone" is an instrumental interlude with acoustic guitar, while the final, untitled track is a very enjoyable piece of droning dark ambient with a post-industrial atmosphere.

This isn't the most innovative album I've heard recently, but it is definitely a well done debut, and worth checking out if you like funeral doom with an atmospheric (but not cheesy) touch.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Summit
2. Contentment
3. Nine Faces
4. Continuity Error
5. Alone
6. Despair
7. Untitled

Duration : 63 minutes

Visit the Towards Darkness bandpage.

Reviewed on 06-05-2008 by Oscar Strik
Hate Your Guts Records
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