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Weeping gothic/doom with male grunts and female clean vocals. The music has a touch of the same trollish aura that The 3rd And The Mortal had....
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Asylum : The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe

Out of the tombs again, it crawls. This time, we're using our DeLorean to go back in '85 and discover Asylum. Which may not be all that unknown in fact, considering that what you have here is in fact Unorthodox under their second monicker (the first one having been Obstination). 'The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe' is their second demo (first released in 1985), and thanks to the great guys at Shadow Kingdom Records, it is now available on CD format with a bonus track ('Moment Of Truth II').

Musically, Asylum is in league with the Traditional Doom sound of the 80's, meaning a mix of Saint-Vitus and The Obsessed (the 'Sodden Jackal' EP from Wino’s gang seems to have been a great influence here), with the occasional Black Sabbath riff showing up. Most interesting is that Asylum was also demonstrating some taste for 70's Progressive Rock, and the solos of guitarist/singer Dale Flood are indeed sometimes more in the vein of Yes or Rush than your classic Metal style. Despite being an old release, Unorthodox fans will find there all the basics that make albums like 'Asylum' and 'Balance Of Power' so great.

This release must be taken for what it is: a first shot at what will become one of the best US Traditional Doom bands, and nothing else. Don't expect a clean sound or an un-flawed well executed album. This is Traditional Doom in its rawest form, and God knows how it's good to hear that from time to time. Despite its short length, whether you're a fan of the 80's Metal sound, of Unorthodox or simply of the Traditional US Doom scene, this is a release you simply can't miss in your collection.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Asylum
2. Motherless
3. Moment Of Truth
4. Moment Of Truth II [bonus track]
5. Bell Witch (Red Skull)
6. Burn
7. Dying Breed/Distand Friend

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes.

Visit the Asylum bandpage.

Reviewed on 30-07-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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