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Soulsearch : Gwynedd

From now on, the word 'Gwynedd' shall not remind me any more of an anorexic Hollywood actress, but instead of the excellent first full length album from this Austrian band. With the Celtic god Cernunos featuring on the front cover, it's pretty clear that this original band is conceptually influenced by the Celtic mythology and tradition.

Most lyrics are in German and they chant about the godlike powers of the almighty nature, fertility rites and womanhood. Singer Thomas' very raw, unprocessed vocal performance might scare some listeners off, but the way this band combines excellent musicianship, dark doom, majestic atmosphere and ritual/darkwavish chants, is unique.

Doom epics like '...Neumondblut...' and '...Feldfeuer...' (check out the excellent, catchy refrain!) are seemingly effortless alternated with repetitive, ritual darkwave tracks like '...Ahnenstahl...' and '...Ährenschuld...'. Originality and nerve in music must be applauded, and therefore I urge every dark music fan to check out this excellent band!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Erstes Kapitel: Neumondblut (The Princible of Womenhood)
2. Zweites Kapitel: Feldfeuer (Fires of The Womb)
3. Drittes Kapitel: Ahnenstahl (The Synonym For The Godly Mystery)
4. Viertes Kapitel: Schwarze Erde (The Guilt of Blood)
5. Fünftes Kapitel: Ährenschuld (Breathing The Land)
6. Zwischenkapitel: Kundgebung
7. Letztes Kapitel: Rabenhorst (Last Days of A Bloodless Land)

1. First chapter: New moons blood (the princible of womenhood)
2. Second chapter: Field fire (fires of the womb)
3. Third chapter: Geneological steel (the synonym for the godly mystery)
4. Fourth chapter: Black earth (the guilt of blood)
5. Fifth chapter: Shame of honor (breathing the land)
6. Between-chapter: Rally
7. Last chapter: Ravens' nest (last days of a bloodless land)

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes.

Visit the Soulsearch bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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