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Solstice : New Dark Age

Solstice is a young doom band from the United Kingdom. Their full-lenght 'New Dark Age' from '98 is a dull and exhausting traditional doom album with only few good moments. Oh, wait. That's not completely fair, is it?

To be quite honest, I never could quite get into this album, mainly due to the fact that I utterly dislike the vocals. Generally, I have nothing against this kind of old-style clear vocals, but I'm afraid I simply could not digest them here. Mind you, a nice grunt here and there would fit the music very nicely. The singer insists on emphasizing the letter 'R' throughout the album, which irritated me on more than a few occasions. As far as the music is concerned, there are a few interesting bits, like in the epic 'Cimmerian Codex' or in 'Hammer of Damnation'. The songs are quite long, the longest being over fifteen minutes in length.

Another thing I dislike are the short songs, with acoustic guitars and spoken parts which have a strong sense of dÍja vu. An interesting piece of info about this band, is that a certain Gian Piras, who was with Solstice from '93 on, left the band to join the well known British band Cradle of Filth. Overall, an album that simply failed to move me, but I'll keep an eye on Solstice in the future nevertheless.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. New Dark Age
2. The Sleeping Tyrant
3. Cimmerian Codex
4. Alchemiculte
5. Hammer Of Damnation
6. The Anguine Rose
7. Blackthorne
8. The Keep
9. Cromlech
10. New Dark Age II
11. Legion XIII

Duration : Approx. 66 minutes.

Visit the Solstice bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Bojan Janjanin
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