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Sinistra : Sinistra

Lately there has been an increasing number of bands singing in their native language. But it has always been common for German bands to have their lyrics in German. It's of course not the case with all bands (perhaps not even the majority) but the rule definitely applies to Sinistra. This sort of narrows down the audience but then again, this music is far too extreme to become mainstream anyways. In fact the band has so far only made 50 copies since they don't expect to sell more than that.

The music is extremely bleak and noisy all the way through, from the intro, 'Funebre', to the outro, 'Lichtlos' (translated: "lightless"). Behind this front of noise you can hear fuzzy funeral doom playing in it's respective pace. I find the name of track three to fit the music the best. 'Totenmarch' means "death march" and, indeed, this music reminds me of the painful moments when you put a loved one's casket into the ground. It's not a peaceful, yet sorrowful moment. It's grim and intense, as described by yet another track with a very fitting trackname; 'Leidensweg', which means "path of suffering". Sinistra has done a really good job in catching that aura.

Speaking of the aura, it is often very similar to the most grim works of their fellow countrymen Worship (well. at least partially since Mad Max was from France), and indeed the music should definately appeal to the same people as Worship does. In particular the second and fifth track, 'Verdunkelung' (translated: "eclipse") and 'Ewige Nacht' (translated: "eternal night"), remind me of Worship. But as I said, Sinistra is far more noisy and one of the tracks contains lots of industrial elements, 'Was Ich War' (translated: "what I was"). Mostly it's the aura and feeling of the music that are, together with the composition, highly original.

Hmm... Until now the only trackname I haven't translated is 'Damals' so just for the record, it means "in the past". So, how to sum up this CD... This is a CD that should definitely appeal to most people within the extreme doom community. Especially those who like their doom extra extreme. With only 50 copies available it might be a good idea to act now if you find this to be interesting.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Funebre
2. Verdunkelung
3. Totenmarch
4. Was Ich War
5. Ewige Nacht
6. Damals
7. Leidensweg
8. Lichtlos

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Sinistra bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Forever Autumn
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