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Silentium : Caméne Misera

A first note about this demo is that if you're thinking of getting hold of both this demo and the mCD 'Si.Vm E.T A.V.Vm', then I advice you to get hold of the latter release first. This is mainly because of the track 'Lament' which was re-recorded and perfected in 'Si.Vm E.T A.V.Vm'.

The second reason is because of the mastering of the tracks here. The music on this demo is of good quality, but there are a lot of times that the mastering falls short of the later releases. Listening to this demo after one of the previous albums might come as a great disappointment because of that.

The main mastering problem is with the male vocals. The vocalist has had a lot of training since this demo and his voice really has improved between here and the release that came after, 'Infinita Plango Vulnera'. Even though his voice fails often in 'Carméne Misera', it isn't a problem that will haunt the band. On the contrary his voice will turn Silentium into the band it is now. The female vocalist will improve as well, but even on this demo she is excellent.

The music on this release balances on the border between doom and gothic. It could be called a slower Tristania with clear folk and classical music influences. Depressive violins add an almost epic sadness. The piano links the melancholy back to the old masters like Frédéric Chopin. Though the music is comparable to Tristania, it is still a band in its own niche.

Silentium is one of the very few bands that I've heard that manages to make music that copies the beauty of sadness. Those who enjoy Chalice, Lacrimas Profundere or Theatre Of Tragedy's first album would surely find an interesting experience in this band.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Lament
2. Ere I Falleth *
3. Children Of Danaan
4. Path Of Tears
5. L'Arrivèe D'Un Ange Noir *
6. Autumn Rain

2. Here I fall
5. The arrival of a black angel

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes.

Visit the Silentium bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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