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Ava Inferi : Blood of Bacchus

Ava Inferi was always a hard to categorize kind of Doom band. Atmospheric and melancholic like The 3rd and the Mortal, yet heavy and dark as the best the early My Dying Bride had to offer. And serene. Since when a Doom Metal band is supposed to be peaceful and serene? Where are the hopeless chords that leave us all down after each riffs?

When I put the word Gothic to describe Ava Inferi's music, I'm thinking mostly to the way Gothic litterature described natural landscapes. An emphasis on the majestic beauty of Nature, yet an alien and cruel beauty, indifferent to human suffering. This is the kind of emotions that Ava Inferi display here, with a strong cultural appeal to their portuguese roots , and as such, 'Blood of Bacchus' is as sorrowful as it is joyful. The sorrow is prominent in songs like 'Tempestade', which is, as far as I know, the first Fado/Doom song to have ever been written. And when you mix two such sad genres as Fado and Doom in one song, you know that hope won't be coming knocking at your door.

And then, there’s the wonderful tribal fiesta of 'Blood of Bacchus', the song. An impressive tribute to old rites and the joy of consuming wine around a fire under the moonlight, while dnacing and trashing everything around. And you'll find also the Jazz/Blues intro of 'Be Damned', the long melancholic piece of 'Appeler les Loups' (i.e. "to call the wolves"), the dark vocal duet of 'Black Wings'... Everything on 'Blood of Bacchus' exhude nostalgia, and this album is the beauty of the sun setting on some antique ruins put into music. The ghost of long-gone centuries, the pain brought by the loss of some friends, and yet the light of a new dawn hearlding some new hope.

Some will think, by reading me, that this album is not Doom enough for their tastes. They'll be damn wrong, as with 'Blood of Bacchus', Ava Inferi manage to re-invent Gothic Doom as we were accustomed to. Do not expect Draconian-like orchestrations there, but be sure that gloom will welcome you into its arms on the first notes of 'Truce'. Musical sadness in all its tearstained majesty, and one of the finest piece of sorrow you can find this year.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Truce
2. Last Sign of Summer
3. Colours of the Dark
4. Black Wings
5. Appeler les Loups
6. Be Damned
7. Tempestade
8. Blood of Bacchus
9. Memoirs

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes.

Visit the Ava Inferi bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-07-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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