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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Extremely slow and heavy sludge/doom in the vein of Corrupted and Grief. The project is currently on hold as the person behind the band is current...
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Shifter : Shifter

Although Australia's Shifter has been around for 10 years or more, I hadn't heard them until I recently got a copy of the High Beam label sampler, and I was well-impressed by their representative tune, 'Road to Demise'. Lucky me; I was thrilled when I finished the job the P.O. had started with destroying my latest CD shipment, and out fell Shifter's new, eponymous EP.

Shifter share a couple of members with the more grind-oriented group Log: Carl on vocals and bassist Jamie. But you won't find any of that doomy/crusty feeling with Shifter; instead you get an all-too-brief dose of no-nonsense, energetic, in-your-face riffin' rawk. There's none of the usual indebtedness to Kyuss or 'Sabbath here, 'cause these guys go straight to the metal/punky 70s underground sources such as the MC5 and Oz' beloved Radio Birdman and The Saints, along with a healthy dollop of St. Lemmy and his Motörhead.

'Frosty Lectro Litic' goes straight for the jugular, and comes away dripping motorblood all over. The riff will put you in mind of the immortal 'Ace of Spades' and its spaghetti-western feel before trailing off into fuzz bass and guitar feedback. 'Funnel' has great guitar tone, courtesy of Dave, and an insistent, driving rhythm. 'Aftertaste' starts off with a speedy, down-on-the-upbeat feel before cooling off with more fuzz bass and guitar tremelo, then the excitement builds again with an ascending riff that threatens to take the whole thing over the top into adrenalin land. Yeah, there's some good dynamics going on here.

Shifter is all about a no-bullshit approach to The Riff. There's no filler here, and before you know it this short, sharp, concise EP is over. Time to hit repeat...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Frosty Lectro Litic
2. Funnel
3. Lost It
4. Aftertaste
5. Sonic Lips

Duration : Approx. 19 minutes.

Visit the Shifter bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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