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Various Artists : HOW to STAY YOUNG & HEALTHY in a MODERN WORLD by Abgurd

Before I start describing the music on this compilation, and why I have reviewed it, I would like to present what it is not - a doom metal release. Frankly, most of the tracks do not contain even the slightest hint of a doomy mood. I bought this disk because it contained a track by Aeoga and another by Halo Manash, both of whom are side projects that Anti Ittna Haapapuro (one of the two main men behind Dolorian) partially masterminds. My original verdict was that this compilation doesn't deserve a review, but since I am reviewing the remainder of thr Haapapuros discography, why not? At least I get to warn everyone to stay away from Sudanstrain, their track is unbearably loud and annoying. I mean most of these projects and bands have made something that I can imagine a use for but Sudanstrain is the exception. It annoys me so much that I just skip the track.

There were 222 copies made of this double CDr with the fascinating title 'HOW to STAY YOUNG & HEALTHY in a MODERN WORLD by Abgurd'. Twenty-two of them came with a mCD containing some remixes by N-616, but I don't have that version unfortunately. That mCD contains a remix of an Aeoga track so I'd really like to get my paws on it one day. Fortunately, 'Subterranean Obsidian Mirrors - pt. I' and Halo Manash's 'Hypnostasis' are more than decent tracks, with both continuing on the dark and unsettling paths we've seen these bands follow before. 'Hypnostasis' sounds almost like a leftover from either 'Par-Antra I: Vir' or 'SYoMA'. Thus, I find that buying this compilation was worth the money I paid for it.

Among the other bands there were a few who stand out as surprisingly promising. Bardoseneticcube is, in my opinion, clearly the most interesting band on Young (the first CDr). This disc contains all of the noise bands and while many of them sound like they want to get paid for recording TV-snow, these guys seem to have made some sort of elaborate soundscape out of their "noise". To me, their track brings forth urban associations; streets, neon-lights, alleys, crime, etc. The insane voices from beyond that make Kromeshna's 'Ostochort' are another pleasant discovery. It brings forth the best bits from The Fall of the Grey-Winged One and Voice-Transmissions With The Deceased. Then there is the sort of doomy drone by World Downfall. Doesn't give me much of an association with crack cocaine, but no matter. Finally I'd like to mention that I've found a use for Funkstillesender&Komatoserzustand's (what a name!) track. Sounds like you're inside the hull of a big boat with a huge combustion engine. Thus it will fit perfectly in an RPG which takes place out at sea.

Even though the compilation comes with a little red note that says "trust us - we're experts", I'm still not convinced. It may be that the total chaos on Young might keep you, well, young. And it might be the case that the meditative abilities of the ambient can have health benefits. However, I think the unhealthy effect of Young and the aging effect of Healthy more than outweighs the effect of the opposite disk. This is sonic nicotine and auditory alcohol but that is the whole point of it. Recommended music for those who are into really extreme music/musak.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
CD 1 - Young:
1. Co-Pilot
2. Disease With a Purpose pt. 3 - Madness & Death
3. Media Toxin
Kryptogen Rundfunk:
4. BZ
5. Able to Die
6. The Coming of Death
7. 40
8. The Coming of the Last War
9. Koka-Kola
10. Addiction
11. Spreading My Diseases Over Your Planet
12. Young Toxic

CD 2 - Healthy:
1. -untitled-
2. Symbiosis
3. Subterranean Obsidian Mirrors - pt. I
Halo Manash:
4. Hypnostasis
5. Ostotchort
Exit in Grey:
6. Under the Flow of Torn Fibres
World Downfall:
7. Crack Cocaine
8. Voide
9. -untitled-
Instant Movie Combinations:
10. Fluoridation

Duration : Approx. 125 minutes.

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Reviewed on 17-07-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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