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Hyatari : They Will Surface

I remember the first, and also preceding, Hyatari album 'The Light Carriers' ending with what our reviewer Oscar Strik described as "a very soft sample of (I think) crunching sand, which continues until the end." Interestingly enough 'They Will Surface' starts with this very sound, or at the very least a very similar one. To me, this indicates that this album begins where the previous one left off. That would means that not only do the tracks flow seamlessly into one another but the releases themselves do as well. I can't say the music has changed much either.

As far as I'm concerned Hyatari created the heaviest doom track to date with 'Collapse', the final track on 'The Light Carriers'. That seismic activity was the precursor which led to 'They Will Surface' but the doom/drone contained within is filled with more "space" meaning calmer ambient sections. The feeling of an intense yet vast and motionless universe is as present here as on the previous release. However, the voyage doesn't seem as perilous as before even if it's by no means completely safe either. The peril has been traded away and is now replaced with a feeling of loneliness. Even so, expect to find yourself gasping for air in the "spacey" intermezzos.

Perhaps it should be noted that the song titles do not exactly invite the outer space associations that come to my inner mind. If I were to hazard a guess then I would say that the band intends for this to be some sort of journey, like that of Dante or at least the part of it which brings him through the lower levels of the beyond. I can easily imagine this scenario, as well as the other, when listening to 'They Will Surface'>. To me, the outer space images present themselves more vividly to my inner eye which isn't surprising as this was an intuitive association after all.

Since this album can be experienced as a continuation of 'The Light Carriers' and as such the exposure to the predecessor can (and did for me) enhance the listening experience of 'They Will Surface', I would recommend buying both releases because these albums belong together. I find both releases to be among the best doom/drone albums that I've heard and I would recommend both albums to all fans of Pelican, 5ive's Continuum Research Project, Mills Of God, Orthodox and of course the legendary Earth. I would recommend them both without qualifications. To stress my opinion, I'd just like to say that I sent 'The Light Carriers' to another of our reviewers and I have never regretted parting with a release as much as I do that one. 'They Will Surface' is mine and no one else is getting their filthy paws on it!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. They Will Surface
2. Abyssal Plain
3. Mountain Lit With Fire
4. Prolonged Exposure
5. Eight Feet Of Ash
6. By The Throne

Duration : Approx. 58 minutes.

Visit the Hyatari bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-07-2009 by Arnstein Petersen
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