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One-man-project by U. Amtey offering dissonant/discordant funeral doom with weeping guitars and low grunts....
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Sasquatch : Sasquatch

My first experience with the might of Sasquatch dates back almost two years, to SHOD in Arizona. Their drummer at the time gave me a four-song demo which really kicked the proverbial butt, but it was pale indeed compared to their live show. I dug it and hoped for more. Fast forward to summer, 2004, and what should I find in my mailbox but a new album from...yes...Sasquatch. Direct from one of my fave labels, Small Stone, no less, the label that holds the classic music of Detroit Rock City in proper respect.

Unlike some of the other groups on the label, Sasquatch's sound dwells in the far desert, where UFO hallucinations always loom on the horizon and mythical beasts hum Kyuss' 'Gardenia' as they tear hapless tourists in Hawaiian shirts limb from limb. The classic rustbelt influence found in so many of their label mates is found more in the backgrounds of these Philadelphia and Detroit transplants, while their music owes its sound to southern California bros like Fireball Ministry, Nebula, Fu'Smoke. This is pulse-pounding stoner rawk, heavy as hell, made by dudes who walk it like they talk it. You can tell the string benders in this power trio care about the quality of sound as well, 'cause the creamy tube goodness just about flows out of your speakers. The tuneage maintains a high level of quality throughout, though there may be a song or two that doesn't click ('Cyrus' in my case, because of the background vox) or another that stands above the rest ('Yetti' and 'Chemical Lady' - killer riffs!).

Small Stone has ventured far into desert territory, and its paid off big time. Sure this music will sound familiar, but as long as the songwriting and musicianship are top calibre - as they are here - you can put bands like this in front of me all day. You won't catch me whining about Kyuss, no sir! So if you dig on the above-referenced bands, and can add other groups like Black Lamb and Dixie Witch to the list without flinching, then its past time to add Sasquatch to your shopping cart. It's the real deal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Chemical Lady
2. Roller
3. Dragonfly
4. Believe It
5. Cracks in the Pavement
6. Knuckle Down
7. Money Man
8. Boss Hogg
9. Cyrus
10. Yetti

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Sasquatch bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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