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Saint Vitus : Born Too Late

To my own distress I recently noticed that one of my favourite all time bands has almost no reviews on Doom-Metal.com. To make it all even worse my favourite album by them 'Born Too Late' was missing like a gaping black hole on the website. So I mean to set this right with this review. For the review I took the CD version with also includes the 12" 'Thirsty and Miserable' EP. Without much doubt Saint Vitus is one of the most influential Doom bands of all time. Few doom bands are more pure than Saint Vitus. Being ultra slow and absolutely miserable I've even heard a few misguided newer doom-fans describe them as .... boring! *gasp*! This heresy must not spread! Especially if you consider the wide number of Doom bands of both past and present that have been influenced by the mighty 'Vitus. Because of being one of my favourite all time records I continue to find it hard to actually describe Saint Vitus' sound in a clear and objective way. Generally I simply revert to terms such as "great!", "wonderful!", "über-doom!" and more of such rather non-descriptive terms used to express my enthusiasm about this band. I fear too much ado that this review will also head this way.

If you never heard Saint Vitus it's hard for me to explain to you exactly how they sound. First you have Wino's characteristic vocals. These take some getting used to, but fit perfectly. The raw, crude vocals work perfectly, at first sound they might sound monotonous, but there is a lot of hidden expression in them. Then there is the music itself, slow and raw most of the time. No traces of Death-metal or anything of the sort. This is the purest of pure Doom-metal. Slow plodding, creeping forward DOOOOooooommm! Everything crawls forward at a snails pace, like a record being played too slowly. No atmospheric elements, no ambient sounds... just pure Metal, just ultra slow and ultra Heavy. Which might be quite different then what newer Doom fans might be accustomed too.

'Born Too Late' is one of those albums you just need to put on repeat and just let the music engulf you. It's thick, it's heavy, it's slow and most of all it's miserable: raw, uncompromising misery. Not whiny, not spacey, not atmospheric... just miserable! And of course a bit thirsty as well! This album is a must-have and a must-hear. There simply is no excuse known to man for you not owning it. This is one of the greatest records ever recorded by man and part of Doom-metal's history. So I will simply conclude this review with "great!", "wonderful!" and "über-doom!".

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Born Too Late
2. Clear Windowpane
3. Dying Inside
4. H.A.A.G.
5. The Lost Feeling
6. The War Starter
7. Thirsty And Miserable [bonus track]
8. Look Behind You [bonus track 2]
9. The End of the End [bonus track 3]

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes.

Visit the Saint Vitus bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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