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Highly experimental band with a powerful atmosphere. Usually the band plays very orchestral doom, but even when they don't, they still incorporate a lot of inst...
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Roanoke : Stormbringer

Though there are no musical connections between Wormphlegm and Roanoke, the first releases by both bands have quite a few other similarities. Both consist of only one track (which is also the title track) which lasts 32 minutes, plus/minus half a minute. Not to mention that both only released their debut in the limited number of 100 copies.

But as I mentioned above. There is no musical connection between the bands. In fact Roanoke lie somewhere inbetween Corrupted and Bunkur. The music consists of filthy sludge/doom riffage that repeats itself for long periods of time. The music also sounds deeper than most bands (yes, even deeper than most doom metal bands). In fact the only bright noise is the occasional cymbal crash. However the riffage still remains loud and heavy. This is somewhat dangerous as it gives you this constant urge to push the volume control and the bass control to the max, which in turn would probably get you kicked out of the appartment (if not for the loud noises then at least for housing elephants).

Another similarity with the two aformenentioned bands is that Roanoke has a beastly vocalist. This of course fits very well with the dark and ominous feeling that is brought on by the atmosphere. The image of the huge sea serpent on the cover of 'Stormbringer', fits this feeling perfectly. Powerful like a raging ocean. Lightless like a menacing storm. And, of course, massive and cruel like an immense monster. This music is unforgiving.

It will not take long before these babies are sold out. If you like Corrupted or Bunkur, then I'd definitely suggest that you hear this one as well. At least it blew me away.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Stormbringer

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes.

Visit the Roanoke bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Forever Autumn
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