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Slow sludgy Doom in the vein of some of the bigger names within this genre (Grief, etc.). The music is however more accessible and not as extreme. Their ...
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The River : Oneiric Dirges in Mono

The interesting thing about today's doom scene is the fact that there are countless sub genres. This allows the creative artist to blend them in the same way that a painter would blend different colours with his brush to form new shades.

That's what The River seem to be doing in this impressive demo. Without offering something groundbreaking or new, they succeed in blending very effectively different sub genres of doom: the crushing, droned wall of guitar of bands like Sunn O))), the oppressive heaviness of (a) Winter and a strong traditional doom aspect which is especially noticeable in the soulful female vocals and the semi-groovy riffs.

There are also some moments in those two pulverizing tracks where the band seems to experiment trying to develop an own identity, but those occasional interludes, like the psychedelic intermezzo and piano outro in 'Opaque' and the long-drawn jam at the end of 'Amber' are not as effective as their usual crushing drone sound. The band's assets are clearly the heavy, pervasive guitar sound, the soulful vocals (which sound somewhat bizarre at first but the contrast with the concrete guitar base works really well) and the captivating 'drive' of the songs.

It is clear from this promising work that a lot can be expected from this band in the future. In the meanwhile, you can order the demo from the band and I would encourage every fan of extreme doom to do so, since there are enough elements of all extreme doom sub genres in this recording to satisfy even the most demanding adept of heaviness. Band contact: info@doomriver.co.uk

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Opaque
2. Amber

Duration : Approx. 17 minutes

Visit the The River bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
Forever Autumn
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