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Remembrance : Frail Visions

If you look at the cover and the titles you might easily mistake Remembrance to be just another mellow gothic/doom band. While they are certainly influenced by gothic metal, it is stil far from the truth. This is a funeral doom band which easily touches the most melancholic parts of your soul.

'Frail Vision' is Remembrance's debut album. Slow, dirging guitars take the main stage while a sad piano, powerful organs, dark growls and occasional weeping guitars create the aura. It's somewhat minimalist, yet it has a certain hint of majesty. It creates a romantic vision of relaxed beauty and sorrowful rainy nights. It presents everything in an uncruel and gentle way. Hence, while it hangs heavy on the heart, it is also quite pleasant on the ears.

The lyrics portray things from every part of the depressed mind - emptiness, loneliness, worthlessness... - and they portray them so well. I find them to be an important part of the experience, although the dark growls make it hard to discern them in the songs. They strengthen the emotions found within the music and anonymously deliver their images of misery.

The band has two members from Lethian Dreams, Matthieu Sachs, the guitarist/male vocalist, and Carline Van Roos, the keyboardist/second guitarist/female vocalist. The music is however more closely tied to Shape of Despair. Both bands should certainly appeal to the same kind of people. In fact, I highly recommend that Shape of Despair fans also check this one out. At least I believe that the album will enthrall you at least as much as it did me. Perfect melancholy with a smile.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Through Frail Visions I Lay
2. To Lost Illusions
3. Eternal Disease
4. Your Insignificance
5. An Ending Chapter
6. Murdering My Faith
7. Thy Decay
8. Where All Has Been Wasted

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes.

Visit the Remembrance bandpage.

Reviewed on 19-04-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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