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Atmospheric Funeral Doom developing its solemn elegies at a very slow pace. The voice is a clear one, what certainly sets the band apart on that peculiar scene....
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The Prophecy : Into the Light

OK, I must confess, I have a taste for rather shitty or un-inspired Doom bands. Cast me the first stone, but I have trouble to resist the urge on getting my hands on any piece of wax with music under 80 BPM. This is why I like The Prophecy's 'Ashes' album, despite it being a rather average english Doom/Death style release. So when I got hold of their new release, all I thought was "Cool. Known lands ahead, easy to explore". Boy, how I was wrong.

The band takes no time with intros or other things designed to appease the listener before going to the heart of the subject. 'Into The Light' starts with the title track, and massive riffs is the name of the game. No wonder when you see this album was produced by Greg Chandler, of Esoteric. But cast in marble riffing is not what makes this album stands out. Songwriting has improved also. A lot improved. And the band isn't scared to experiment a bit with up-tempos or different vocal styles either (kudos must be given to the work of vocalist Matt Lawson, whose clean voice is worth jumping from the Dover cliffs for). The main positive point is that the album sounds all the time like a well-constructed piece, and not like a collection of songs. Also, The Prophecy sounds all the way mournful as a banshee wailing.

The emotions displayed are palpable, and a bit of progressive sound do also the trick in expanding the musical possibilities of the band, as songs like 'Echoes' or 'Waters Deep'are what Anathema should have released on 'Eternity'. Mind you, if you like Opeth, then here's their Doom Metal cousins. This is sorrowful, yet peaceful, Doom/Death of the highest calibre. This is worthy of being compared to the masters of the genre, like My Dying Bride or Mourning Beloveth. Most important, this is only their third album. They have now plenty of time to release an even better record. I'm impatient to see where they'll go sailing next.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Into The Light
2. Delusion
3. Don’t Forget
4. Echoes
5. Belief Means Nothing
6. All Is Lost
7. Waters Deep
8. Hope

Duration : Approx. 58 minutes.

Visit the The Prophecy bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-07-2009 by Laurent Lignon
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