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Night Of Suicide : Unsanswered

While the Internet completely changed the situation of the underground in the last decade, it also changed the ways of conceiving and composing music. With software such as ProTools, it's become easy to compose and record quietly in one’s room.

The Dutch-Finnish duo Night Of Suicide works in this way: the singer lives in the land of tulips and coffe-shops, the musician in the land of the 1000 lakes. The result of this long distance collaboration is a particularly cold and depressive Funeral Doom. The songs are nicely structured and quite long, heavy and icy guitars; the keyboards enrich the atmosphere without ever being intrusive (very nice use of fake choirs on 'Remember') and the overall rhythm trudges all along. As for the vocal part, we stay in the deepest abyss with the type of growls that express an unspeakable pain. The archetypical hypnotic and monolithic pace is also present. So why is it that I cannot enjoy the album more than I actually do?

First, 'Unanswered' suffers from a certain lack of personality. It is at times very good, but it is never great. It is still very far from the incredible richness and depth of the last Mournful Congregation, for example, or a good Shape Of Despair song. The music is depressive but never conjures up a sensation of drowning, for example (what bands like Worship or Shades Of Deep Waters are very good at). Here we are dealing with 'melodic' Funeral Doom, which brings foggy, soft, autumn-like sensations.

The clear voice also is kind of a problem: even if the idea is good, the singing talent of Ben de Graaff is not developed enough to convey the slightest hint of emotion. Worse, sometimes, it is out of tune! However, this clean voice only happens in one song ('Live In Silence'). When it comes to grunts, Ben succeeds in giving a certain feeling that goes superbly well with the music.

I must say that despite its flaws, this is an album that can charm the listener; its numerous musical subtleties remain in your mind long after the CD is over. Is this not, after all, just what you ask for?

[edit by admin.: This review was originally written in French for the metal webzine Cryptic Madness, but has, with permission, been translated to English by Bertrand Marchal and Shawn Pelata.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Voices From The Unknown
2. Remember
3. Unanswered
4. Live In Silence

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes.

Visit the Night Of Suicide bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-07-2009 by Laurent Lignon
Forever Autumn
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