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Volition : Volition

The disc is over; I’m feeling good now. I've had a bad time in my job today, things weren’t as they should have been. Tension with colleages, coffee on my shirt. A fucked up day. No sex at home. Old... Volition came at the right moment. I had already experienced its healing properties: Volition is an angry slab of Sludge Doom. The kind of pissed off deflagration that blows your own anger away because it is just so damn misanthropic. It takes revenge for you.

The Israeli label Total Rust has signed Volition; I'm amazed how good, at least always interesting, the releases of this small label are! Volition offers a relentless, crushing, almost funeral brick of dirty Sludge that leaves you numb.

The voice goes from raspy demented screams to deep growls and bitter mumblings. No words to understand. The pumelling drums set the dense and moving rhythmic basis. They are played with a sense of solemnity where some faster beats manage to burst in; Volition's music is far from being monolithic, this is a bleak and despondent flow mercilessly tracing its way in the empty spaces between each of your destructured brain cells.

The production is clean, every instrument is well heard and the balance is good; however, be certain that it is far from being clinical; the fuzzy guitar that can release sick and amorphous melodic lines and the droning bass propelling fat notes that crush on your head again and again wear the genuine Swampy SludgeŠ trademark.

Volition succeeds in holding high the spirit of Eyehategod, Grief and the likes. Pour in the thick slowly bubbling mixture some Death Doom a la Winter and Thorr’s Hammer and drink it straight. This is hateful and grim and it just happens that I find this relaxing.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. To Those We Have Lost
2. Martyrdom
3. Tempestuous Seas
4. Pathogen
5. The Mistress
6. Cheyne Stoking
7. Halls Of Degradation
8. Do What Thou Wilt

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes.

Visit the Volition bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-07-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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