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Atmospheric Death/Doom with heavy use of flute and keyboard/piano. The music is mostly slow to mid-paced and features both clean and grunted vocals. Interesting...
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Ekklesiast : ...Kogda Mertvye Vetvi Vosprjanut Ot Snov

This is the re-recording of their 2001 album '...Когда Мертвые Ветви Воспрянут От Снов' (which translates to '...When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreams'), the first version of which has already been reviewed on this site. The songs have been re-interpreted and re-mixed.

Екклесиаст (Ekklesiast) writes rather energetic Death Doom. The lyrics are in Russian and that gives the band an identity that is a bit different from what you hear elsewhere. But on the music side, really, there’s nothing new. There are slow parts, and faster ones; the Russian guttural inflexions of the voice set Екклесиаст’s sound on dark, slightly aggressive ground. The melodic instrumental part develops a heavier, almost festive edge. The mix of both elements makes the songs quite ambivalent: melodic and dark, punchy and melancolic.

That's interesting but there is nothing that really stands out, and that’s the major problem on that album. It all flows quite fluently, it’s pleasant, well crafted, but the album fails in keeping your attention more than a few minutes in a row. Soon, you think about something else. That’s a pity because there is some technical talent in Екклесиаст but it is too rooted in archetypes. Generic is how you have to describe the music; not bad at any rate, but not good enough to recommend it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Грусть Этих Дней
2. Пророчество Гибели
3. Точка Отсчета
4. Осень Мира
5. Укрой Меня Снегом
6. Город
7. Звезды Твоего Неба
8. Пробуждение Среди Теплых Дней
9. Шаг К Вечности
10. Отблески Небес
11. Прикосновение Вьюги
12. Темные Воды
13. Там, Где Дуют Ветра
14. Забвение (1999, bonus)

Transliteration (with translation in brackets):
1. Grust' Ehtikh Dnejj [Grief Of These Days]
2. Prorochestvo Gibeli [Prophecy Of Doom]
3. Tochka Otscheta [Countdown Point]
4. Osen' Mira [World's Autumn]
5. Ukrojj Menja Snegom [Cover Me With Snow]
6. Gorod [The City]
7. Zvezdy Tvoego Neba [Stars Of Your Sky]
8. Probuzhdenie Sredi Teplykh Dnejj [Awakening Among The Warm Days]
9. Shag K Vechnosti [Step To Eternity]
10. Otbleski Nebes [Reflexes Of Heaven]
11. Prikosnovenie V'jugi [Touch Of Snowstorm]
12. Temnye Vody [Dark Waters]
13. Tam, Gde Dujut Vetra [The Winds Blow There]
14. Zabvenie (1999, bonus) [Oblivion (1999, bonus)]

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes.

Visit the Ekklesiast bandpage.

Reviewed on 30-06-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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